We had been having trouble with flooding in our horse walkouts and a local, well known company had been stringing us along for over a year. I heard of Nellinger Excavation, so I sent them a message. I received a call back in less than a day, and Sam came to look at our job within a few days. He saw what our issue was and he came up with a plan, which was extremely similar to what the other company said they would do. We scheduled our job, but had to postpone it a few times, due to weather. When the weather cooperated and Sam came out with his helper, they showed up on time and worked extremely hard in the nearly 100 degree heat and high humidity. They even did quite a bit of unexpected hand digging with out complaint. When they were done, the walkouts looked great. Sam called me back about a week and a half later (totally unexpected), asking if we had had any rain and if so, did the walkouts drain like he had intended? I told him we didn’t get any rain, so he told me to keep him informed if we do and he said he’d be happy to come out and make any needed adjustments. We are very happy with Coal Creek Excavation and will use them again, if we need anything.