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A well-planned and installed high-quality septic system can be an asset for any homeowner. However, despite the convenience of these septic systems, all homeowners will face a couple of common problems at some point. That said, addressing these issues can be challenging without expert septic services like ours. At times the best solution would be to install a new one.

Most of the issues with septic systems can be challenging to address; thus, it isn’t a DIY job by any measure. Fortunately, that’s where experts like us come in. At Coal Creek Excavating & Septic, we have been providing septic installation and repair services for over a decade.

Whether you are dealing with septic backup or a leak in the tank, we can help by diagnosing and addressing the issue. At times, all it may need is to be maintained each year; regardless, here, we can help you.

Do you need a septic system installed or maybe you need sewer cleaning? Then feel free to contact Coal Creek Excavating & Septic today for a free quote or to diagnose the issue.

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Common Septic System Problems

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of chronic problems that all septic system owners will encounter. Fortunately, knowing what they are will help you better prepare for them and know when to call us.

Tank failure 

The septic tank usually fails when it gets too old or if it’s damaged by roots. When there is a tank failure, it can have a cascading effect, leading to other issues like overflow and backups. So, this problem will need your immediate attention.


Blockage or clogging will happen either because there is oil and grease in the system or because some other non-biodegradable material was disposed of in it. The result is a system that does not drain as fast as it should and thus lead to backups. Fortunately, our septic tank contractors can help. 


When the septic system is leaking, it is often a sign of poor maintenance or damage to the system. The leaks lead to untreated water slowly seeping into the environment and thus contaminating all the nearby water sources and soil.

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When there is an overload 

This will happen when the septic system has been used beyond what it can accommodate and thus cannot process the wastewater efficiently. The result is visible overflow, backups and even damage to the system. 

Biological issues

A septic system has bacteria in the system, which often play a crucial role in breaking the wastewater down. If this balance of bacteria, for some reason, is upset, the system isn’t going to function as well as it should, and thus lead to issues linked to foul odor. When you notice something like this, that’s when you need to call us to get your septic tank pumped. 

You need to make sure that your septic system is regularly maintained. An annual inspection will help to identify issues early on before they become a source of frustration later on.

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How to Install A New Septic System in Pekin, IL

At Coal Creek Excavating & Septic, we know that installing a septic system isn’t as cut and dry as some people may assume. The installation process we follow has been honed over the years and has proven to be the most effective in terms of time and maximizing our client’s budget.

It Starts with A Permit

Before installing a septic system, we need to get a permit from the County Health Department. This often takes some time because the County needs to determine if the soil is suitable for wastewater drainage, which will also help us choose a system that delivers optimal results. Soil analysis by the county, as well as the size of the home, helps us determine the right size system and more importantly the size of the septic tanks.

Installing the system

Our septic tank services will often start the project by excavating the land enough so that there is room for the new septic tank, distribution box, pipes, and access hatch. After all of that has been installed, the wastewater will flow through these parts, which means they all need to be adequately sealed.

All the solids collect in the septic tank, while the liquids are sent over to the distribution box. Our team determines the topography and how it will affect reabsorption by digging pits to ensure that there is no instance of pooling. After this has been completed, we can get it inspected by the county.


During the inspection stage, a county representative will inspect the system to ensure it is all up to code. Once the system passes inspection, the process is completed.


Your septic system, like all others, will require timely maintenance, such as septic tank cleaning, and septic tank pumping to ensure that it lasts the longest time. You will also want to get the underground tank examined, especially since inadequate flow can lead to several issues with the system. Usually, the septic tank will need to be pumped every 3-5 years to clear out the solids so the system functions smoothly. We will also check the sewer lines for our clients to ensure they are in good condition.

We Are Septic System Experts

Do you want a septic system installed in Pekin, IL? You may have a question about how we can help to fix your present septic system. Regardless, our team can help and answer any questions you might have. We operate in and around Pekin, providing excellent quality septic system services (installation, repair, and maintenance) at competitive rates and a guarantee. 

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