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Two Leading Excavating Contractors

Two of Central Illinois’ top-rated excavating contractors join forces

After successfully building two excavating businesses Issac McCorkle and Sam Nellinger were fortunate to collaborate on several large excavating projects, each leveraging their unique experience and expertise.

Following the successful outcome of these projects, and given the mutual respect they earned for one another while working together, Sam and Isaac decided to join forces, resulting in the establishment of Coal Creek Excavating – now one of the top-rated and most respected excavating companies throughout the area.

Owner | Co-Founder

Sam Nellinger

Trusted & Experienced Excavating Professional

After gaining significant excavating experience within the areas of forestry mulching, erosion control, demolition, and more, Sam decided to pursue a life-long dream of owning his own excavating business.

He founded Nellinger Excavation and Land Improvement and built a highly-respected business due to his deep-rooted work ethic and commitment to client satisfaction.

He prides himself on prompt communication, fair pricing, and work that will consistently exceed your expectations.

Sam Nellinger Owner & Co-Founder
Isaac McCorkle Owner & Co-Founder

Owner | Co-Founder

Isaac McCorkle

Trusted & Respected Veteran Business Owner

After completing his military service, Isaac returned to Central Illinois and pursued a career as an excavating contractor.  After building significant experience in the areas of Land Clearning, Septic System Installation, Gravel Road Construction and building, he decide to establish his own business, MC Excavating and Drainage.

Isaac consistently ensures the projects that he works on are delivered at the highest standards. He places the utmost importance on his customers, recognizing that your satisfaction is the foundation of our business. 

As a veteran business owner, he possesses a strong work ethic and commitment to completing projects in a timely and efficient manner, and this dedication to our customers is reflected in his willingness to work diligently and go the extra mile to ensure each client’s satisfaction. 

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