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At Coal Creek Excavating & Septic, we have the experience, and expertise and use the latest equipment to install septic tanks, alternative waste treatment technologies, and drain fields of all types.

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Coal Creek Excavating & Septic has a team of professionals who have been installing septic systems across the city and in nearby counties for over a decade. Our work is of the highest quality, and we treat our customers respectfully. Plus, we have the experience needed to provide valuable advice that will help you decide on the right type of septic system for your home based on its size and budget. We will also help get everything done, from studies to permits and installation. Our septic services cover everything. Want to get started? Contact us today.

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How We Install Septic Systems?

Successful septic tank installation mandates that we follow a couple of steps. These steps may include but not be limited to the following:

Soil Study Prior to Septic Tank Installation

The county government strictly regulates septic system installations; thus, they first need to conduct a soil feasibility study. The process entails digging a test pit; then, an official will come to evaluate the suitability of the soil. Mainly, they want to see if the soil can absorb all the liquid waste. The quality of the soil will play a role in how large or small the drain field will need to be for the septic system. Fortunately, we will handle ordering the study and work with the county to install a system as per the type of soil we are dealing with on your property.

Designing The System

Our team of septic tank pros will take the results from the soil analysis and other data, like equipment specs and household data, to develop a plan for the system. Our goal is to create a system that meets your needs yet still fits within your budget. Usually, we have the option of a conventional system versus an advanced treatment system. Our team will design the system and then send the plans to the county for final approval.

Pulling the required permits

We will work with the county and manage what is needed with the plans developed to ensure that the project receives the necessary permits. This allows us to proceed legally with the construction of the septic system.

image of a septic tank pipe connector

Material requirements

We have been providing septic services for years which is why we have a network of trusted partners who have proven to deliver excellent material. Our partnership also allows us to arrange for the delivery of these materials in the shortest time and often at the best rates.

Septic system installation

The final step is to dig out space for the septic tank and the drain field. We then connect one to the other, which is then extended to the house. After a day or two of work, your system is ready to be used.

image of a hole for a septic tank

Materials Used During the Installation

There are quite a few materials that are used during the installation of a septic system. While most installers will use the same plastics and concretes, the quality of these materials matters more than anything else.


In our experience, plastic is easier to install than using concrete, especially for a new tank. Unlike concrete tanks, their plastic counterparts are less prone to breaking or cracking, as they have a slight bit of flex in them. Also, plastic is corrosion and erosion-resistant. This means that high-quality plastic tanks can last longer.

Precast Concrete

The material is highly durable and can be installed anywhere because it is watertight. However, the material is less resistant to breaking or cracking, like fiberglass or plastic.


It is a durable and relatively lightweight material but also the most expensive option for a septic system in Central Illinois. The tanks do not corrode and are ridged, which makes them somewhat easier to install. However, many people may opt for something other than fiberglass tanks because of their upward costs.

If you are unsure which material will best suit your project, feel free to contact us. As a seasoned septic installation service, we can help you determine the right material.

Septic Tank Replacement Service

At Coal Creek Excavating & Septic, we install new septic systems and replace your old ones if needed. Most times, we replace old steel tanks with newer fiber ones. Our team can carry out all types of tank replacement work in addition to troubleshooting problems with your existing septic system. 

Septic System Maintenance 

Periodic septic tank pumping and cleaning are mandatory to ensure that the system continues to function efficiently. It is imperative to get your septic tank pumped every few years. We also offer drain cleaning to prevent backups and the build-up of stench from waste that collects in the system. We provide all of these services in Pekin, IL, and are one call away. 

Holding Talk Planning and Installation

Some commercial properties may not be allowed to or able to access the sewer system and may need more room to accommodate a septic system. That’s where holding tanks come in. These tanks hold waste until it can be safely removed for treatment. If you find yourself in such a situation, we can help by installing a holding tank on your property.

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